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NSCD Negative Short Circuiting Device

Product Number:

The Negative Short Circuit Device 2kA (NSCD) provides a short-circuit path between the DC Traction Supply and the Negative Return to protect against the inadvertent re-energisation of the circuit. The NSCD can be operated remotely via a SCADA Interface, locally via a Local Control Panel and at the NSCD itself for maintenance. The NSCD consists of a motorised 3.2kA Disconnector to provide the short-circuit path, a manual 2.5kA Disconnector to isolate the motorised Disconnector for maintenance, panel lighting and anti-condensation heating, and the associated control equipment. Both Disconnectors are off-load devices so voltage monitoring is included to give indication that the DC Traction Supply is live and to inhibit inadvertent operation of the motorised Disconnector.

Combined Assemblies & Frames (CA),

NR approved,

Key Features

  • 100mm Electrical Clearance
  • Fully Isolated 110VAC / 50VDC Control Supply
  • Padlock Facilities

Product Specifications:

On / Off load Off Load
System Voltage 750V
Rated Voltage 1000V
Normal Current 2500A
Peak Current 10000A
Withstand Current 4800A
Short Circuit Capacity 63000A
Length 1000mm
Depth 420mm
Height 1940mm
Weight 175kg

Component Product

Switch 1

3.2kA, single pole, motorised off load/ fault make switch.

Switch 2

2.5kA, 2 pole manual off load switch (for maintenance isolation)


Core specs

Enclosure Type: GRP

IP Rating: IP56


  • Heavy duty GRP cabinets
  • Hot Press Moulded, Reinforced Polyester RAL 7032
  • Protected for external use
  • Complies with general requirements for empty enclosures conforming to EN 62208: 2003 (EN 50298: 1999).
  • Resistance to external mechanical impact: IK 10 (5 joules) conforming to EN 50 102.
  • External & Internal Colour - RAL 7032 Grey
  • IP 56 sealing conforming to IEC 529 (EN 60529)
  • Self-extinguishing conforming to IEC 695-2-1 (960 °C)
  • Temperature resistance: – 50...+ 150 °C
  • Resistant to principal chemical agents and corrosive atmospheres & UV light stabilised.
  • Comply with constraints relating to installation of double insulated panels conforming to standard IEC 439-1 (EN 60439-1)
  • Front panel has Network Rail approved 3 point locking with a barrel to suit Network Rail.
  • Insulating Gland Plates


Frame mounted, the entry of cables is in through the base of the cabinet, via cable glands in the gland plates.


Two 240mm2 or two 500mm2 Positive cables can be connected to the Conductor Rail Lug Up to four 240mm2 Negative cables can be connected to the Running Rails Lug.


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