DC Switchgear

LCS offer a comprehensive range of DC switchgear, incorporating on load switches, off load disconnectors and fast acting contactors. These can be configured in enclosures to suit your application. Many of our products are used by the rail industry as safety critical devices.

Low Voltage AC Switchboards

LCS switchboards offer system flexibility, reliability and ease of installation. Bespoke enclosures are used to ensure that the equipment can be installed in the most difficult of locations. The switchboards can be designed for front or front/rear access along with top, bottom and side entry of cables.

Trackside and Ancillary Equipment

LCS offer a wide selection of trackside and depot equipment including; overhead status indicators, mimic panels, conductor rail heating panels and power pedestals.


LCS have a highly experienced and skilled design team. We follow stage gated design processes based on PMBOK and Design for Reliability to ensure a robust design. We have an extensive product portfolio however, if you require a none standard product, we can offer either variations to the existing range or completely bespoke offers.


All assembly work is carried out at our specialist facilities in Hove, covering both the AC and DC sides of our business. We are known for our care and attention to the build process, ensuring that the product is manufactured to the highest standards.


As well as carrying out routine testing on all our products before they leave the factory, we can also carry out development and type testing in house. We have links with external test facilities for more advanced requirements. Testing can range from a single component to a complete suite of panels.


LCS offer a full range of support services to compliment and augment our product offerings. Whilst our product range consists of equipment which requires little maintenance, regular servicing will extend the life of your products. An LCS service package could save you significant costs over the life of your system. We pride ourselves on a quick efficient service and endeavour to return products as quickly as we can.


Experts in the fields of both DC & AC switchgear, LCS can investigate and analyse issues facing our customers. Investigations can take place at the customer’s premises, or if that is not feasible at our facilities in Hove. Comprehensive technical reports with clear recommendations are provided.


LCS offer expert installation services for our ac equipment. We specialise in installations in the most difficult of areas. Please see our time lapse videos as examples of our capabilities.


LCS have been supplying the rail industry for over 30 years, we are a key supplier of safety critical equipment to Network Rail and London Underground. Our products are applicable to both third rail and four rail systems, trackside and in depots. (See schematics)

Light Rail, Metro, Trams

We can also supply products suitable for light rail and trams either as DC rail energised or overhead systems. Our customers have included; Docklands Light Railway, Nexus (Tyne & Wear Metro) Blackpool Transport, and Dublin Public Transport.


As the need for renewable energy sources and storage increases then so does the need for suitable switchgear. Electricity generated by solar farms and stored in batteries is DC, which is typically harder to switch than equivalent AC systems. LCS have significant experience with DC systems and are ideally placed to support the renewables industry.


LCS, under the Carville Brand have been supplying LVAC switch panels to many hospital trusts. Security of supply is critical in these applications, depending upon reliable changeover panels, often with the option of two DNO supplies and emergency back-up generator

Government & Commercial

We have supplied many LVAC switch boards to a variety of government buildings, institutions such as universities and to commercial premises. A key selling point is the ability to accommodate new switchgear into existing buildings often with limited space and access. Please see attached time lapse video of such an installation

Whole Life Solutions from LCS

LCS are committed to satisfying ‘Whole Life Cost Effective Solutions’ for the Railways. The Product range is designed to provide low maintenance, cost effective, long life solutions for the Railway Isolation & Bonding requirements. These products aim to speed up the isolation and bonding to enable maintenance and renewal work to be carried out during over night possessions. Quick and secure bonding enables work to start promptly after the last train movements of the day and allows the possession to run closer to the resumption of train operations the next day. L.C. Switchgear have a reputation for high quality reliable products which enable railways to operate more efficiently and safely. These products can provide cost savings where for example the duration of a track possession for routine maintenance can be increased by ensuring quicker safe access to the track and reduced time required to re-instate the power at the end of the works. The low maintenance requirements provide life cost savings, throughout the long service life of the products.