Low Voltage AC Switchgear

LCS along with newly acquired Carville switchgear have extensive experience in low voltage AC switchgear design and manufacture. Our products comply with the latest standards including BS EN 61439. We can offer a comprehensive range of switchgear including:

LV Switchboards

Purpose built metal work is manufactured according to specific project criteria so that switchboard size, layout, colour, and access can be tailored to match site requirements.

With fully welded construction, our enclosures comply with BS EN 61439-1 for all forms of separation and BS EN 60529 for Ingress Protection. The switchboards can be designed for front or front/rear access with thermal imaging facilities. Top, bottom and side entry of cables can easily be accommodated and provision can also be made for large cables and multiple conductors.

Add on or ‘integral to switchboard’ solutions are also available for supply authority metering CT chambers, power factor correction, surge suppression, harmonic filtration, and voltage optimisation units.

Package Substations

Whatever your requirement LCS can offer a solution to suit your needs.  Using cast resin or oil filled transformers from a variety of manufacturers, we can engineer a package best suited to your application including:

  • Close coupled or stand-alone solution
  • Top or bottom HV connections
  • Local HV isolation by Ring Main Unit or HV switch
  • Front/rear access
  • Safety interlocks with HV/LV inter tripping relays and Castell key system

Sub Distribution Units & Composite Switchboards

Usually designed to fit the available space – typically in a riser cupboard for example. These boards can incorporate both sub and final distribution components whilst giving the best access for cable infrastructure. We can offer:

  • Top, bottom or side entry
  • Fully welded construction
  • Form of separation as required. e.g. Form 4 Type 2
  • Most colours and finishes can be achieved
  • Existing cable connections can be included in the design
  • Full metering with BMS connections available

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

As simple or sophisticated as you require, these units can be floor standing or wall mounting to suit the available space. Final cable connections can be made via plug and socket or IP3X terminals to give safe on-line connection without downtime. The following options can be incorporated into our PDUs:

  • Dual incoming supplies
  • Static transfer switch
  • Isolation transformers
  • Earth leakage monitoring and alarm
  • Full metering
  • Thermal imaging of connections online
  • Surge supression