Trackside and Ancillary Equipment

LCS also offer a wide range of trackside and ancillary products. These include products for depots

Power Pedestal

The Pedestal supplies Traction Power to trains in depot lifting sheds via a Shore Supply Plug. The Shore Supply Plug is stowed in the area underneath the Local Operator Station and the cable is coiled either on the end of a middle road enclosure or on the boom or wall bracket for outer road enclosures

The Shore Supply Plug is fitted with a Plug Engaged sensor which inhibits the application of Traction Power to the train unless a magnet in the train receptacle to detected.. There is a frangible link that disconnects under strain thus preventing damage to the pedestal should the train be moved out of the depot with the plug remaining in the train receptacle. Shore supply status beacons are positioned on top of the Power Pedestal enclosure


Provides isolation and fuse protection for 2 lengths of conductor rail heating strip. The circuit is protected by four traction grade fuses. Has separate sections & 100mm clearance with central barriers EM42 for positive and negative poles for:

  • Fuses
  • Switch disconnector SD 1
  • Switch disconnector SD 2

Heavy duty GRP cabinets available as wall mount or free standing frames.