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Gap Jumper Lead

Product Number:

The Gap Jumper Lead is used to connect a supply to a stranded (Gapped) Train. This is where a train current collector shoe (pick up shoe) is no longer in connection with the power supply conductor rails.

Gap Jumper Leads (GJ),

LU approved,

Key Features

The cable connection is made directly to the top of the conduction plate.

  • Positive Shoe          1 x 50mm2 Copper Cable
  • Negative Shoe        1 x 50mm2 Copper Cable

Product Specifications:

Material Micam EM42

To assist with correct positioning the Gap Jumper Leads are colour coded Red for positive and Blue for negative.

(This is an LUL colour requirement which could be tailored to suit other rail networks)

The LCS Gap Jumper Lead design incorporates the following features:

A shoe assembly that houses the conduction plate with integral magnets to suit various conductor rails, the cable connection point, cable restraint gland and conductor rail location guides.

The conduction plate is made from plated Brass which is plated to provide good corrosion resistance.

Connection force and stability assisted by the use of magnets. (Previously only the weight of the shoe with support of the cables by the operator)

Magnets are located within the conduction plate to enable the magnetic field to interact with the conductor rail/s

An insulated lifting handle is positioned towards the top of the connection shoe to allow easy positioning on the conductor rails.

The supply cable enters the shoe assembly horizontally (previously the cable entered via the top of the shoe assembly, hence the need for support by the operator)

The design allows the re-use of existing cables.

The lift handle allows the removal of the shoe by tilting the assembly to disconnect the magnetic forces. Lift of force 16kgf.

The rail guides also serve to provide a barrier by distance to the magnetic field.

The Gap Jumper shoe fits all 4 of the Conductor Rail profiles used by London Underground including the composite Stainless Steel / Aluminium rail.

On / Off load Off Load
System Voltage 630V
Normal Current 700A
Peak Current 700A
Length 230mm
Depth 130mm
Height 180mm
Weight 3.9kg


Core specs

Enclosure Type: EM42

IP Rating: IP56

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