DRC – 2kA 1P Depot Contactor Panel with Motor Driven Bonding Device – L. C. Switchgear

DRC – 2kA 1P Depot Contactor Panel with Motor Driven Bonding Device

Product Number:

Single pole changeover switching of high power circuits, where a high short circuit withstand and high voltage isolation is required. The motor driven switch is to be used to bond the 750 Volt positive track feed connection to the negative rail and is electrically interlocked with its associated Contactor from which it obtains its control supply. Opening of the Contactor will cause the bonding device to close. The device is operated from the Contactor control circuit or automatically following the loss of the emergency circuit i.e. Emergency stop button activated. Road isolation and bonding in Main line Depots

Switchgear Enclosures (SE),

Key Features

Switches and Contactor

Contactors 1 Pole 2000A with 1600A Motor Driven Negative Bonding Switch (integrated)

Incoming Disconnector 2000A


  • 2000A Traction Grade Fuse
  • DC Overload Protection


Incoming Positive   4 x 1000mm2 Aluminium

Outgoing Positive   2 x 1000mm2 Aluminium

Incoming Negative 2 x 250mm2

Earth                       1 x 250mm2

Product Specifications:

On / Off load On Load
System Voltage 750V
Rated Voltage 1000V
Normal Current 2000A
Short Circuit Capacity 63000A
Length 1500mm
Depth 850mm
Height 2200mm
Weight 470kg


Core specs

Enclosure Type: Steel

IP Rating: IP55


  • IP55
  • Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Anti-Condensation Paint


Floor mounted cable entry from below via insulating gland plates.  

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