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FU Conductor Rail Mounted Fuse Assembly

Product Number:

The rail mounted fuse box is a custom designed and machined composite assembly, to meet the customer specification. The fuse box houses, 20 x 127 fuses of differing current ratings depending upon the application.

Fuse Assemblies (FA),

NR approved,

Key Features

Assembly Specific Labels 

Fuse Assy Part No Text ‘A’ Text ‘B’ Text ‘C’
8800219-V02  (Formerly 8800219B) 8800219-V02 TED – FUSE RATING 0.8 AMP 630
8800219-V03  (Formerly 8800219A) 8800219-V03 TUNNEL LIGHTING – FUSE RATING 5 AMP 630
8800219-V04 8800219-V04 CURRENT ONLINE RELAY – FUSED 1A 750
8800219-V05 8800219-V05 BLEED RESISTOR – FUSED 2A 750
8800219-V06 8800219-V06 TUNNEL LIGHTING – FUSE RATING 1 AMP 750
8800219-V07 8800219-V07 TUNNEL LIGHTING – FUSE RATING 5 AMP 750
8800219-V08 8800219-V08 750
8800219-V09 8800219-V09 TED – FUSE RATING 0.8 AMP 750




Spare 20 x 127 Fuses

Fuse Assy Part No Suffix Suffix Rating of Fuse (A) Part No With Indicator Part No W/O Indicator
8800219 V02 V09 0.8 851397 856167
8800219 V04 V06 1.0 854825 856168
1.5 856169
8800219 V05 2.0 856105 856080
3.15 860911 856170
4.0 856171
8800219 V03 V07 5.0 860912 856172
6.0 855269 856173
8.0 856174
10.0 856175

Product Specifications:

System Voltage 750V
Rated Voltage 1000V
Test Voltage 5kV AC
Length 36.20mm
Depth 6.20mm
Height 6.60mm
Weight 1.5kg


Core specs

Enclosure Type: EM42

IP Rating: IP65


Composite construction with IP 65 rating (assuming proper installation)


The box must be fixed using the mounting facilities provided on a level surface, squarely to eliminate mechanical distortion and secured with the fixings provided.

The box must be mounted horizontally.

Ingress protection

The installation company must ensure that the cable entry provisions to the box maintain the specified level of ingress protection.


The 1 x 4mm2 triple insulated cable enters via the gland at the end of the box.

Connection is made using the screw connection to the fuse lug provided.

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