L. C. Switchgear

Ludgate Cellars PLC ‘Hot Standby’ Suite System – Thameslink

The PLC system has been developed to comply with the Network Rail operations diagram that detailed four suites. The specific requirements are given in N244 Procurement Specification 22. Ludgate Cellars Contactor Control system Functional Requirements version 2.0 The key requirements are That each suite has a PLC. That if as a result of a PLC failure it shall be possible to changeover to off line and standby suite shall continue normal operation. The control of each track Northbound and Southbound... see full details

Mersey Rail Track Feeder Switches & Remote Control Panels PA05/06563

The Track Feeder Switch (TFS) is required to bring isolations of the 750V DC conductor rail into line with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. The TFS isolates the live conductor from its sources of energisation (Electricity at Work Act Regulation 12) and securely protects against inadvertent re-energisation from any source (Electricity at Work Act Regulation 13) by being connected to the negative pole of the supply via the bonding switch. see full details

Network Rail CP5 Switchgear

The Direct Current (DC) power supply was upgraded in 2005 for the introduction of the modern rolling stock and again in 2011 for the introduction of 12-car services. The DC traction power supply still operates below an N-1 capability in many places and the strategy in CP5 will be to bring the power supply network to an N-1 position that will give room for service growth and maintenance switch-outs without disrupting the timetabled services. It will be important that the... see full details

Three Bridges Depot & Williams Way Substation

The new Williams Way Substation has be built to supply the new Three Bridges depot. 4kA Bonding devices supplied by LCS are on the outgoing feeds to the depot which can be used to bond the outgoing supplies for maintenance. LCS2 Disconnectors and alternative feed interlocked LCS2 Disconnectors are used to configure and isolate the various depot supplies to minimise disruption during routine maintenance. LCS Marshalling Panels collate the microswitch indication from the LCS2 to interlock with the appropriate Supply... see full details

Replacement Switches for Eurostar

Changeover Filter Switch for the TMST (Eurostar) rolling stock. These switches have lasted well beyond their design life in the arduous field of the Channel Tunnel. Replacements for these aging switches will be provided by LCS over the next 2 years. see full details

Docklands Light Railway Beckton Depot Extension

3-car Capacity Enhancement started in early 2010 known as the Capacity Enhancement Project was completed on the DLR routes to Bank and Lewisham. The works would allow the operation of longer 3-car length trains providing greater capacity, reducing crowding on the route and allowing passengers to board the first train – reducing the overall time to complete a journey on the DLR. LCS is provide the shore supply system from the Road Track Feeders to the Road Contactor Suites, to... see full details

3000A 1500V DC Combiner Panel

 The 3000A 1500V DC Combiner Panel parallels together all of the outputs of the battery racks in an energy storage system and connects directly to the inverters, feeding current between the two. It also acts as the point of isolation between the battery racks and the inverters via an off-load 4.5kA 3kV manual disconnector switch. Auxiliary microswitches of this switch are wired out to terminals for monitoring. Internal short-circuit protection is provided by an ultra-rapid 3000A 1500V fuse, auxiliary microswitches... see full details

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