LVAC Tunnel Lighting Switchboard (50A) – L. C. Switchgear

LVAC Tunnel Lighting Switchboard (50A)

Product Number:

Single phase AC Switchboard with an automatic changeover from the LU supply to a DNO supply when the LU supply is lost. The switchboard feeds four tunnel lighting circuits which are automatically invoked when their associated traction supply is switched off. The switchboard can be divided into three sections to enable installation into limited access switch rooms.

Combined Assemblies & Frames (CA),

Key Features

  • 2mm Electro Zinc Plated Mild Steel
  • Colour Light Admiralty Grey BS 381C 697 semi-gloss
  • Floor standing installation in control rooms
  • Cabling via undrilled zinc plated mild steel gland plates

Product Specifications:

On / Off load On Load
System Voltage 230V
Normal Current 50A
Length 1800mm
Depth 32.50mm
Height 2000mm
Weight 420kg
Number of Poles 2
System Voltage 1000V
Normal Current 50A
Number of Poles 2
System Voltage 1000V
Normal Current 25A

Component Product


Core specs

Enclosure Type: GRP

IP Rating: IP54

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