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COSI Cleaning Road Overhead Status Indicator

Product Number:

The Cleaning Road Overhead Status Indicator is a roof mounted unit that displays the electrical status of the roads fitted with ground mounted conductor rails. It is controlled by the associated Cleaning Road Contactor. The control circuit is easily accessible at the end of the unit. The unit is controlled by a high integrity circuit that is built into the Cleaning Road Contactor Panel. An Audible Alarm and Flashing Beacon are activated as a warning prior to traction current being switched on. They sound and flash for approximately 8 seconds.

Indicator Assemblies (IA),

LU approved,

Key Features

  • Alpha display of either ON or OFF
  • Two sets of LEDs face in opposite directions
  • Cowls to shield the display area sunlight
  • High Intensity LEDs
  • Supply ‘OFF’ is illuminated with green LEDs.
  • Supply ‘ON’ is illuminated with red LEDs.
  • Audible alarm and flashing beacon
  • IP 65
  • Black semi – gloss with anti-condensation paint inside
  • Also available in other colours and configurations:

Product Specifications:

On / Off load On Load
System Voltage 110V
Length 1080mm
Depth 750mm
Height 500mm
Weight 62kg


Core specs

Enclosure Type: GRP

IP Rating: IP54

Hangs from the roof on Unistrut ™ or an equivalent framework.

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