Three Bridges Depot & Williams Way Substation – L. C. Switchgear

Project Completed: 16 Apr 2024

The new Williams Way Substation has be built to supply the new Three Bridges depot. 4kA Bonding devices supplied by LCS are on the outgoing feeds to the depot which can be used to bond the outgoing supplies for maintenance.

LCS2 Disconnectors and alternative feed interlocked LCS2 Disconnectors are used to configure and isolate the various depot supplies to minimise disruption during routine maintenance. LCS Marshalling Panels collate the microswitch indication from the LCS2 to interlock with the appropriate Supply Circuit breakers.

The Three Bridges depot, which is split into east and west-side facilities either side of the London to Brighton mainline this comprises:

5 road, 12-car, maintenance building with the road supplies provided by LCS contactor panels specifically configured for this site. LCS Emergency stop panels marshal all of the emergency buttons from these roads.

11 train stabling and servicing roads, LCS Emergency stop panels marshal all of the emergency buttons from these roads. These signals are then grouped with equivalent signal from other sections of the depot in a master Emergency Stop Panel

There are 2 two carriage washing machines have DC electrical supplies fed through Wash Road Panels ensuring that the Washing machines are operated with the DC supply isolated and the tracks bonded.

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