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OST 2 Pole Overhead Switchable Trolley (150A)

Product Number:

The Overhead Switchable Trolley mounts on a 4 inch wide overhead ‘I’ beam. The Road 630V DC is then fed directly from the Contactor to the 630V DC Traction Power supply overhead supply bars. The Trolley Brush collectors pick up the supply from the supply bars. Two 110V AC control supply collectors pick up the supply from two control bars fitted along the length of each road. The Shore Supply Plug is fitted with a Plug Engaged sensor which inhibits the application of Traction Power to the train unless a magnet in the train receptacle to detected. The Trolley supplies Traction Power to trains in the depot area via a Shore Supply Plug. The Shore Supply Plug is stowed in the area underneath the Local Operator Station and hangs from the Trolley. There is a high level frangible link that disconnects under strain thus preventing damage to the trolley should the train be moved out of the depot with the plug remaining in the train receptacle.

Combined Assemblies & Frames (CA),

Key Features

  • IP32
  • Protected for internal use
  • 60mm Electrical Clearance
  • Self-compensating shock absorber
  • Stainless steel carriage & wheels
  • EMC Tested
  • Tested to an inductive time constant of 150ms
  • The left hand section houses the two traction fuses.
  • The centre section houses the contactor, the voltage monitor & fuses, and isolation relay.
  • The right hand section houses the earth leakage detector and control equipment

Product Specifications:

On / Off load On Load
System Voltage 630V
Rated Voltage 900V
Normal Current 150A
Contactor Traction Grade bar type 2 Pole
Fuse Positive and Negative traction grade fuses
Length 1010mm
Depth 430mm
Height 530mm
Weight 105kg


Core specs

Enclosure Type: GRP

IP Rating: IP54

The carriage mounts on a 4 inch wide overhead ‘I’ beam.

1 x 50mm2 Outgoing Traction Positive cable

1 x 50mm2 Outgoing Traction Negative cable

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